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#SKYFALL is the Best Bond Movie Ever (But Not My Favorite)


Good God. What wasn’t brilliant about this movie? The main titles. That’s it. Everything else is phenomenal. The acting, the action, the small moments, the humor, etc. This is the best James Bond film ever made, with the second best James Bond ever (Connery will always be #1).

This movie departs from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace’s storyline. There’s literally no mention of either during the whole process of the film. This movie is more about the relationship between M and Bond, as well as a meta-view on James Bond himself. Does the 2012 world really need a man like Bond when the world is controlled by computers? The answer is absolutely “yes.”

There are SO MANY fan nods to the audience in this movie. We get a new Moneypenny. We get a new M. The old Aston Martin shows up. We get the original theme song during the movie. It’s just ridiculous how much the filmmakers loved Bond for this one. It’s a true work of beloved art. They even filmed M’s house in the late John Barry’s (iconic Bond composer who died last year) house as a tribute to him! That’s going the extra mile.

You get everything with this Bond movie. Amazing villain? Check. Amazing score? Check. Amazing action? Check. This is the new benchmark for Bond films. They will all be held up to the standard of this one. 5/5 and you ALL NEED TO GO SEE IT NOW! Javier Bardem makes the whole thing sing. He’s now two of my top 3 villains of all time. 😀

ALSO, MY FAVORITE BOND MOVIE IS STILL “A VIEW TO A KILL.” Funny Roger Moore, Evil Christopher Walken, Duran Duran; what more could you ask for?!



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