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OVEREXPOSED: Maroon 5 Album Review

So I’m kind of late to this party. This album came out in late June of this year. The thing is, I’m not a huge Maroon 5 fan. I mean, the last full album of theirs that I bought was “Songs About Jane.” That’s right. A 10-year-old album. I bought it in middle school. Since then I’ve bought some singles (Misery, Won’t Go Home Without You, Makes Me Wonder), but I never really had the desire to purchase one of their full albums.

However, I had only heard good things about “Overexposed” so I decided to give it a shot, and what a worthwhile shot it was.

Maroon 5 is definitely more…I want to say “mainstream,” but I feel like that sounds way too hipster. The songs on this album sound more oriented for radio, if that makes sense. It’s kind of a party album ya know? They’re more of a pop-rock band on this one. Like P!nk. Most of the songs on this album sound like P!nk songs (with the occasional rapper featuring) and that’s not a bad thing at all! I love P!nk! Maroon 5’s songs definitely have some darker, more sexy feeling though. Where P!nk usually has a tone of “Fuck you, I’m P!nk!” Maroon 5 says something more along the lines of “I’m Maroon 5; I’ll bet you’ll fuck me.” With tracks like, “Lucky Strike,” “Daylight,” and “One More Night” they show that they can be the nice guy as well as the flirty sexy one as well.

My favorite tracks would probably be “The Man Who Never Lied” and “Lucky Strike.”

If you’re into Maroon 5, this album might be a detachment from their usual sound for you, but I think it’s fantastic. It’s a fun, whimsical, and sometimes sexy album. Worth the buy.

4/5 Stars

Head here to buy the album if you want: Maroon5.com



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