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The Amazing Spider-Man Review

The Amazing Spider-Man is just that. Amazing.

I hadn’t had the chance to see it until today, when a friend of mine took me and some other friends to go see it. He had already seen it, as had one of the friends that went with us, but he said it was totally worth seeing again (I later found out that was his 3rd viewing).

This movie gets a lot of things right. Andrew Garfield is a better Peter Parker and a better Spider-Man. Almost every character that was in the other movies is done better in this one. Aunt May and Uncle Ben are better, except for the fact that Uncle Ben’s death was done better in the first Toby McGuire movie. Uncle Ben’s death fell a little flat here, as it’s fairly brief and you don’t get the inspiring speech until the end of the movie in the form of a voice-over. Sally Field makes Aunt May a total badass and someone to be reckoned with, instead of the frail old-woman from the other series.

New York City and the Police are also a lot better in this movie than the other series. In the other films they were schizophrenic. “We’ll help one day and not the other” type people.  In this movie, the shit hits the fan and the cops/New York, almost immediately, start helping Spider-Man beat the Lizard. They all band together to get the job done. They put aside their differences for the greater good. This never happened in the other films. Citizens and police were an annoying nuisance in the other movies.

The Lizard was a pretty good villain and Rhys Ifans played him really well, but he just came off like the second-tier Spider-Man villain that he is. They set up the Green Goblin for the next film, and that’s exciting in its own right, but the villain in this one didn’t seem super imposing. This is a small nitpicking element though, because the action scenes were brilliant. Spider-Man is here in full sarcasm mode and it’s wonderful. Quotes like: “Awwww; Somebody’s been a naughty lizard.” and “I’m going to throw you out of the window now.” kept the tense scenes light at the right times and gave us the Spider-Man from the comics that we never truly got.

This movie is a hair better than Spider-Man 2 (The best of THAT series). It’s close, but every element is just so much more enjoyable here. Its strengths make up for its weaknesses.



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