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The Power of Rock (Band): UPDATE

For those looking for the original article, go here: https://samox19.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/the-power-of-rock-band-13/

So guess what arrived today?!

Aaron Trites (HMXhenry, go follow him on Twitter. DO IT NAO!)  read my post from earlier, specificially the part where I mentioned my drums had been broken for a while and sent these out to me last week. They arrived today and I’ve been jamming on em for a couple of hours. I finally put down the sticks to jump on here and update everyone.

Also, I’ve never played Pro Drums on Rock Band at all. They’re kind of difficult. I played the Warm Up set-list and a few songs and it takes a while to get used to hitting cymbals when you’re used to just hitting the pads. They work though, and they’re awesome; so thanks Harmonix and Aaron!


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