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Rock of Ages Review

Every once and a while a movie comes along, and most people hate it, but there are those few that find it within themselves to label it a guilty pleasure. They may know that it doesn’t not burn as the brightest cinematic candle, but it’s a fun feature, and that’s all that matters. Southland Tales, Australia, and now, Rock of Ages. 

I saw Rock of Ages twice in theaters. Once because I wanted to, and once because I had a friend who had wanted to see and I love him dearly. That’s right, I didn’t see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter because I was in another theater singing along to Classic Rock songs from the days of old.


If you’re looking for a fantastic plot here, you’re not going to find one. The plot is paper thin and simply exists to get from one song to another. Rarely do the songs hold any REAL merit for the story (save for “Any Way You Want It” which was used excellently), but that doesn’t stop the movie from being fun. It’s a “leave your brain at the door movie.” Sit back, sing along, and enjoy the ride. Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand provide some good comedy moments and Tom Cruise shines as the Rock Star wash-out. It’s worth a watch.


See, I have the Original Broadway Cast soundtrack and it simply has a lot more tracks than the movie does, and that’s unfair for comparison. For the tracks that do co-exist, the movie makes some great competition. Every track that Mary J. Blige sings on is completely unfair to everyone else on the track, or in the scene. She’s Mary J. Blige. Everyone else stems from meh (Alec Baldwin) to hmmm (Brand) to pretty good (Boneta and Hough). Tom Cruise is actually pretty good as well, which isn’t that surprising seeing as how everything the man touches turns to gold nowadays.


If you don’t like Classic Rock there isn’t really a reason for you to see this. If you DO like classic rock, then you’ll probably find some enjoyment. If you like the broadway play you’ll notice some distinct plot changes throughout, but there is rumored to be an extended cut coming to the  DVD/Blu-Ray later on this year. That might be worth the rental.

2/5 for normal folks. 4/5 for Classic Rock and Musical lovers.


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