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Living Things Review

Album Cover for Living Things

“Living Things” is the newest album from Linkin Park. It was released early this morning in America, and a couple of days ago overseas. This is Linkin Park’s 5th studio album, and is very reminiscent of their earlier music with a good infusion of their newer style.

Here’s how I’ve ranked Linkin Park albums:

1. A Thousand Suns

2. Living Things

3. Hybrid Theory

4. Meteora

5. Minutes to Midnight

Their earlier albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, have a really hard feel to them. They’re just heavier rock than the newer ones. This is perfectly cool and those albums have some of Linkin Park’s greatest tracks on them. With A Thousand Suns Linkin Park tried something new and went into a sort of Pop-rock/Synth phase, and it really divided their fan-base. Some people, like me, loved the new sound and concept album. Others didn’t. Linkin Park understood this and made Living Things more balanced for the new and old fans. “Burn It Down,” “In My Remains,” and “Powerless” are tracks more similar to their newer style. Those tracks are for the fans who fell in love with A Thousand Suns. “Lost in the Echo,” “Lies Greed Misery,” and “Victimized” are for the fans who want that harder rock feel from their earlier stuff.

I think Living Things has the potential to bring old fans back into the mix as well as keep the new ones. One thing everyone can agree on though, is that we’re glad their are no more Transformers themes on these albums. 😀


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