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Arkham City and the Art of Completion

I own the “Game of the Year” edition of Batman: Arkham City. This game is one of the many games to offer a percentage for completion of goals, secrets, and story. Games like Kingdom Hearts and Red Dead Redemption have done the same thing.

I adore it when developers put stuff like this into their games.

Call it what you will, but anytime I see this element in a game I feel compelled to delve into the game and not give much attention to any other titles I have until I’ve reached that fated 100% mark. I’ve currently poured 31 hours into Arkham City and I have 41 of 70 achievements unlocked. I will eventually have the game completed at 100% and then I’ll take a break. It’s so alluring to strive for that goal though.

How often in life do we strive for perfection? Games like these make it a reachable goal. It’s like the developers are leaning over and whispering in your ear, “You can do it. You can perfect this game. Go for it.” And we, as consumers, happily accept.

I wish more games would do this. Maybe it’s because I’m selfish, and kind of an achievement whore, but c’est la vie.

*runs off to play more Arkham City*


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