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Your Opinion; Should You Choose To Defend It

There are a few things that Twitter and Facebook are: Social Networks, Places for friends, connections with family, etc…

There is one certain thing that Twitter and Facebook are NOT: An online diary.

Opinions are valid for everyone, that’s why they’re called opinions, but just because you have an opinion about something, that doesn’t make it fact. Anything you say on Twitter and Facebook should be able to be defended by you at any time. If you don’t want to defend it you can do a couple of things: 1.) Don’t post it or 2.) buy a diary. When you post something on a social network they cease to become your thoughts. They become part of a collective. You leave open the option for debate or discussion.

So why then, do people freak out whenever I ask a question or post a statement about something they’ve said? They see it as an attack, when in all actuality; it’s the beginning of a discussion. I don’t like to accept things blindly. I like to talk things out before I form an opinion on something, because that sharpens it. It forms it better and defines it.

The thing is, people should like to discuss things they believe. It’s the only way that you can make sure what you believe isn’t ridiculous. Talking things out is like living on a front porch, and not doing that is like living in your backyard with gates all around.

I think our generation has grown up without self-esteem. My generation has grown up without a lot of emotional support and encouragement. I was raised in a good home with lots of encouragement. People are scared to be wrong and because of that they seclude themselves away so that any chance of being wrong has been avoided. People align themselves with brands and companies and any comment that is vaguely against their brand causes nuclear level fallout. I don’t understand this.

Do you know how we got here?


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