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Uncharted 2 Changed My Life

Sometimes in your life, there’s something that comes along that changes your perspective on things of that certain element. There’s a movie that changes the way you view cinema. A song that changes the way you hear music. A painting that changes the way you see art. Uncharted 2 has changed the way I see and play video-games.

I recently bought Uncharted 2 per the urging of all my closest friends who owned PS3’s and the game, or had played it before in passing. I had heard the rave reviews about the series and had seen some of my friends play it before, so I went out and bought a new copy of the “Game of the Year” version (I wanted the DLC and whatnot).

I played a game of online deathmatch once after I bought it, but I wanted to have the time to go through a good play-through of the game so I didn’t touch it much after buying it. I played inFamous 2, CoD, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood with a little bit of HEAVY RAIN mixed in for good measure. I let Uncharted 2 lie in wait as I used my time with other games. Yesterday though, I put Uncharted 2 in and started a new campaign. Little did I know that within 24 hours I will have completed the campaign in full.

Everything about this game is entrancing. The score, the writing, and the acting are all incredible. The game-play is sharp and responsive (save the few glitchy moments where Drake couldn’t grab onto a ledge to literally save his life). The banter between characters is wonderful. One of my favorite lines is, “There’s a man above you! There’s a man above you!” To which my character, Drake, grabs the man from a ledge and silently throws him off the side of the building. In response, the buddy immediately says, “There’s a man below you! There’s a man below you!” I legitimately laughed at moments like this an others throughout the game.

The characters are so well written and fleshed out that you care for them almost immediately. They all serve a purpose and make themselves worthwhile.

The scope of the story here is huge! You go from Istanbul and Thailand, to the very ground of Shambhala itself!

This game is incredible. More games need to be like this game. Not in the sense of storyline, but in the sense of the immense amount of work and heart that went into the creation of this title and its many elements. Kudos to you Naughty Dog. I’ll be buying the collector’s edition of Uncharted 3.



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