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Week 1 Down

So this “first” week at Camp Classen (we’ve been here since May 19th, but this was the first official week with campers) has been pretty excellent. Some hiccups along the way happened, but that’s to be expected. I’m excited for the rest of the summer and all that it will hold. I’m also excited for the paychecks to start coming in. Getting paid is always a good thing. :]

I do enjoy filming the camp things. Who would’ve thought that Oklahoma is gorgeous? Turner Falls is beautiful and so is Davis. I mean, I’d never want to live here (I love northern weather, but southern people), but it’s an incredibly beautiful state.

There are also a ton on Native Americans here. I love learning about other cultures and their ways of life and whatnot. At some point I want to visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center and just spend the day there. There was a Chickasaw group here for the weekend and I got to learn some of the language and whatnot. “Ochimali” is blue. “Tokola Locna” is orange. “Locna” is yellow. That’s the extent of my Chickasaw knowledge.

Now, we’re off today, and I’m broke, so I’m going to go watch a movie in the Nature Center of the camp…


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