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Come on down to the big Camp Classen…

You know what one of my biggest pet peeves is? I hate it when people try to tell me how to do my job. This isn’t said in an arrogant or prideful way; I mean it in the sense that: I was hired, so that must mean I’m at least semi-competent, right? Anyways, I’m working at a YMCA camp in Oklahoma this summer and the experience has been excellent. I’m the videographer for the camp, meaning I make and edit the videos for the parents. Each week I produce a 10-12 minute video recap of the week for the parents to view and take home (we put it on DVDs for em). Last year, their videographer owned his own film business, his own camera, and his own Macbook for editing. I’m working with a Desktop PC (Which I love, but let’s be honest, for video editing Macs are more friendly), the camp’s cameras, and I don’t own my own business.

You see, there’s this girl here, who loves to tell me how good last year’s videos were and how awesome the guy was. She also loves to ask me why I’m not that guy. Why I’m not always filming. Why I’m not constantly holding my camera up and getting shots of the students. She likes to tell me how the guy last year would shoot hours of footage and spend hours editing. She loves to tell me what, where, and when to shoot.

I just want to yell, “I KNOW HOW TO DO MY JOB!” at her. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but the only conversations that we’ve had have been one-sided and consisted of her criticizing me the whole time.

I love calling people out on things like this, but lately I’ve been diving deeper than just, “You’re mean, so I’m telling you you’re mean.” Everyone has baggage and everyone has issues. So I stopped, and thought about what might be going on in this girl’s life. Why is she always doing this, and why does it seem like I’m not the only one she does it to? The issue seems bigger than just “I think you could do better.” For now, I avoid this woman like the plague. I don’t think I could be respectful to her, and she’s worth more than that in God’s eyes. Thanks Mom for that pearl of wisdom. :]

Have you ever met people that like to constantly tell you how to do your job? How do you deal with this?


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