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Osama is Dead

So many people are posting things for Christians to read about this day. Osama is dead, but should we celebrate? I think yes. Wholeheartedly yes. He’s gone from this world. He made his choice. Sure, I don’t wish anyone to go to Hell, but he (most likely) did and that was his personal choice. While he was on this Earth he killed many Americans. After a long and drawn out game of cat and mouse, we killed him back. Justice was served. He deserved to die, and die at the hands of the American people he did. We forgave, but we did not forget, and we collected on the debt he owed. It sucks that he’s probably in Hell for eternity, but I do not weep for this man. I understand the position of some people, but I do not necessarily agree with it. Did the Israelites not rejoice when delivered from Egypt? Did they not rejoice when they captured Jericho or any other nation? We rejoice that justice has found its way to America’s enemies.


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