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The Morning Has Begun

This was a poem that I wrote that was used in an official “Narnia Easter Celebration” site. This was among about 15 pictures, poems, and artworks that were used in the gallery.

“The evening is over, the morning has begun.

How seemingly easy, the battle was won.

He conquered the evil, he brought out the light.

He defeated the tempter, with all of his might.

These things that we do, the words that we say,

are meaningless, compared to the depth of this day.

He rose again living, he came back to life,

so we greet him our groom, and us his sweet wife.

And so the play continues,

we dance on eternity’s hand,

we play in the chorus,

of the divinely formed band.

We wait for that day,

when we’ll again be united.

Our love for our Father

will soon be requited.

So until that day comes,

we wait and we learn,

our passion for “Aslan”

shall continuously burn.”


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