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Capstone Project

In the spring 2012 semester I’ll be required to complete a “capstone” project. It’s sort of an “anything you want to make” senior project. My current plan is to do a musical-esque type short film. The plan is to do an entire album as one story. I won’t change the order of the songs, but I will clip them down a bit for time. The main idea should still be there though. Parts of every song will be used and be used in order. That’s really exciting for me. So far I’ve been in contact with people from Radiohead’s, Coldplay’s, RED’s, and Linkin Park’s camps. I’m seriously hoping to be able to use Linkin Park’s “A Thousand Suns” as the album for the project. I’ve already been writing a small love story around the album that I think can work. Here’s to hoping that I’ll get the go ahead from their people! 😀


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