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How can you be so ignorant?

How can you be so blind?

It’s hard sometimes to figure out,

what’s going on in your mind.

Do you see what you’ve done?

Can you tell what you’ve wrought?

When this kid wants to give it,

everything he’s got?

Everyone has a past.

Everyone has some junk.

Your blindness to this fact,

is what puts me in a funk.

It may not even happen.

It may not even advance.

But you have astounding willingness,

to stop it in advance.

He bore his soul to you,

because of the respect.

You decided to bypass that,

and leave him pretty wrecked.

Do you not understand,

what people our age have been through

all our days?

With things like,

molestation, abuse, and depression, tainting

our innocent ways.

You shake your head,

and put it aside.

You refuse to admit to this

much careless ride.

Ugh! It makes me SO ANGRY.

It absolutely breaks my heart.

To see someone so deserving,

Step back from a part.

I can’t even really type anymore.

This is straining my mind.

How could anyone be greeted with joy,

and yet still be unkind?


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