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Arrows From The Depths

Can you feel the pain?

Swirling around this place?

The hidden hurt that’s written,

on pretty much every face?

Can you count the hours?

From whence you last talked to someone?

Not just talked in passing,

or talked to get something done.

But really talked my friend,

talked with intent to heal?

Talked with intent to mend

the pain that people feel?

Not many people practice

this definitely lost art.

So people keep on living

with the misery of the heart.


Why, if we’re supposed to be family,

does this pain protrude so much?

Each heart could use a bit,

of someone else’s healing touch.

God does mending,


But really so should,


Where you go with this is your choice.

Will you speak up for their voice?

Will you break through the crowded noise,

to bring someone their joy?


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