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Wandering minds and depressing times

Hiding behind these whimsical rhymes

The lines begins to fade together

It always seems to be rainy weather

But I love the rain

And I love the snow

But I don’t love letting people in

Knowing the one biggest thing in my life

Makes it easier for me to fade through

People don’t ask questions that cause any strife

When they think that that’s all there is to you

How does one plead or ask for help

When they’ve spent years silencing themselves?

The door stays closed

The room grows cold

The darkness creeps in

And covers the soul

I seemingly scream out

yet nobody asks why

I write and i write

I just want to fly

Fly far away to a place where I can feel

something other than this pain


That seems so… emo.

Everyone feels it though right?

So it’s normal, but not normal enough to talk about…

In a house full of terror

Where can I hide?

In my room all alone?

This tumultuous ride…

I don’t have all the answers.

I don’t know all the clues.

I hope I don’t seem arrogant.

It seems to be my ruse…



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