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I <3 Halloween

Shadows swirling on the walls,

Skeletons screaming out their calls,

The darkness all around us falls,

As we go quietly walking.

The woods are dark and seem to rustle,

One kid leaves us in a hustle,

The trees seem to ravage in a tussle,

They all seem to be talking!

I rush under a small dry ditch,

When above me yells a passing witch,

Her lifestyle just can’t seem to scratch the itch,

I jump out and start running!

She whirls around and laughs with glee,

I run with friends and so we flee,

I quietly pray she won’t catch me,

As my friends and I are gunning!

She gaining ground and coming fast,

He reach is long and grasp is vast,

My friends, of course, will not be last,

To be taken by her hand!

She catches us and takes us home,

Gives us candy and some flavored foam,

This witch was just on a friendly roam,

To bless kids in her land!


Happy Halloween!


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