Home » Poetry » Don’t You Hate “Dallas” Endings?

Don’t You Hate “Dallas” Endings?

Running down a darkened path,

Adrenaline must do the math.

Trying to make my escape,

Playing like a looping tape.

I jump down onto the tiled floor,

Drowsy still from the night before.

I fear that if they close the gate,

It’ll be an omen of my sealed fate.

I run, and push, and grab, and kick,

This disastrous ride will make me sick.

I’ll never win this rigged fight,

As I burst into the hollow night.

I see a nearby van and run,

This wild event is almost done.

I fly into the driver’s seat,

I will never just accept defeat.

The vehicle starts and I press the gas,

Life springs into this humble mass.

I drive outside and into a lake,

“Oh Crap!” I yell, as I fly awake.


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