How can you be so ignorant?

How can you be so blind?

It’s hard sometimes to figure out,

what’s going on in your mind.

Do you see what you’ve done?

Can you tell what you’ve wrought?

When this kid wants to give it,

everything he’s got?

Everyone has a past.

Everyone has some junk.

Your blindness to this fact,

is what puts me in a funk.

It may not even happen.

It may not even advance.

But you have astounding willingness,

to stop it in advance.

He bore his soul to you,

because of the respect.

You decided to bypass that,

and leave him pretty wrecked.

Do you not understand,

what people our age have been through

all our days?

With things like,

molestation, abuse, and depression, tainting

our innocent ways.

You shake your head,

and put it aside.

You refuse to admit to this

much careless ride.

Ugh! It makes me SO ANGRY.

It absolutely breaks my heart.

To see someone so deserving,

Step back from a part.

I can’t even really type anymore.

This is straining my mind.

How could anyone be greeted with joy,

and yet still be unkind?


Arrows From The Depths

Can you feel the pain?

Swirling around this place?

The hidden hurt that’s written,

on pretty much every face?

Can you count the hours?

From whence you last talked to someone?

Not just talked in passing,

or talked to get something done.

But really talked my friend,

talked with intent to heal?

Talked with intent to mend

the pain that people feel?

Not many people practice

this definitely lost art.

So people keep on living

with the misery of the heart.


Why, if we’re supposed to be family,

does this pain protrude so much?

Each heart could use a bit,

of someone else’s healing touch.

God does mending,


But really so should,


Where you go with this is your choice.

Will you speak up for their voice?

Will you break through the crowded noise,

to bring someone their joy?


Wandering minds and depressing times

Hiding behind these whimsical rhymes

The lines begins to fade together

It always seems to be rainy weather

But I love the rain

And I love the snow

But I don’t love letting people in

Knowing the one biggest thing in my life

Makes it easier for me to fade through

People don’t ask questions that cause any strife

When they think that that’s all there is to you

How does one plead or ask for help

When they’ve spent years silencing themselves?

The door stays closed

The room grows cold

The darkness creeps in

And covers the soul

I seemingly scream out

yet nobody asks why

I write and i write

I just want to fly

Fly far away to a place where I can feel

something other than this pain


That seems so… emo.

Everyone feels it though right?

So it’s normal, but not normal enough to talk about…

In a house full of terror

Where can I hide?

In my room all alone?

This tumultuous ride…

I don’t have all the answers.

I don’t know all the clues.

I hope I don’t seem arrogant.

It seems to be my ruse…


I <3 Halloween

Shadows swirling on the walls,

Skeletons screaming out their calls,

The darkness all around us falls,

As we go quietly walking.

The woods are dark and seem to rustle,

One kid leaves us in a hustle,

The trees seem to ravage in a tussle,

They all seem to be talking!

I rush under a small dry ditch,

When above me yells a passing witch,

Her lifestyle just can’t seem to scratch the itch,

I jump out and start running!

She whirls around and laughs with glee,

I run with friends and so we flee,

I quietly pray she won’t catch me,

As my friends and I are gunning!

She gaining ground and coming fast,

He reach is long and grasp is vast,

My friends, of course, will not be last,

To be taken by her hand!

She catches us and takes us home,

Gives us candy and some flavored foam,

This witch was just on a friendly roam,

To bless kids in her land!


Happy Halloween!

The Boy Named David

There once was a boy named David.

He sang a curious song.

It was about a unicorn,

And boy it sure was long.

“The adventures of the unicorn!”

He’d start it off with glee.

“Listen to these wonderful tales,

of the time he spent with me!”

“We flew above the clouds!

We sailed the furthest sea!

We hunted crazy lollipops!

We climbed a magic tree!”

We all just stared and looked at him,

He smiled with tons of hope.

“Didja like my story?!”

I looked at him and said, “Nope.”

He fell to the ground,

with a terrible sound.

He was crushed and sad,

for my opinion was bad.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I think you’re a nut.”

“It’s ok!” He said,

“I am a nut!”

Then he jumped onto his magical unicorn,

and they rode into the sunset.

Don’t You Hate “Dallas” Endings?

Running down a darkened path,

Adrenaline must do the math.

Trying to make my escape,

Playing like a looping tape.

I jump down onto the tiled floor,

Drowsy still from the night before.

I fear that if they close the gate,

It’ll be an omen of my sealed fate.

I run, and push, and grab, and kick,

This disastrous ride will make me sick.

I’ll never win this rigged fight,

As I burst into the hollow night.

I see a nearby van and run,

This wild event is almost done.

I fly into the driver’s seat,

I will never just accept defeat.

The vehicle starts and I press the gas,

Life springs into this humble mass.

I drive outside and into a lake,

“Oh Crap!” I yell, as I fly awake.

A Terrifying Portrait of a Moron

You scream out loud,

what nobody wants to hear.

You act so proud,

when underneath sits trembling fear.

Just one more time,

before I lose my cool.

Your terrible whine,

tarnishing a beautiful jewel.

Why can’t you stop,

hurting everyone around?

Your hideous guise,

will in time be found.

Get your act right soon,

else you’ll fall and then;

You’ll be trampled quick,

by more honest men.

Maybe one day you’ll find,

a place to call your home.

Maybe you’ll open your mind,

or just end up alone…